Estate Sale! - ZUT 801's Gear For Sale!

These items are being sold by Jim Huffman's son Jon. He is not a ham and is still searching for associated equipment ie mics, cables, etc  The condition of most of the gear is unknown at present.  You can find additional info on each items via Google.

If you Zutters are interested in anything for a fair price the proceeds go to Jim Huffman/ZUT801's widow Marilynn.

Contact Jonathan Huffman 360-815-5086 (cell) or 360-366-3255 (home) email: to inquire about the equipment or make an offer. Equipment is located near Bellingham, Washington

1. Xiegu SDR G90 XCVR. 20 Watt xcvr (QRP). CW/SSB. The Xiegu XPA125B 100W amp would match this.


2. Xiegu XPA125B. HF and 6 meters amplifier. Would match the G90 above.


3. Ten Tec model 645 Keyer. The view is of the back of the keyer.

4. Ten Tec Corsairs. HF xcvr circa 1980s. 100 watt xcvrs.  There is also a Ten Tec VFO and power supply that matches these xcvrs. Condition unknown but if you look at Jimís QRZ site under K7GVM you will see a pix of one of the xcvrs, the VFO and power supply.

5. Ten Tec model 263 VFO. Matches Ten Tec equipment.

6. Ten Tec 260 power supply. Standard power supply that matches Ten Tec gear. 20amp DC.

7.  Astron 35 amp DC power supply. With the Astron, in the picture, is a 2 meter xcvr which I think is Yaesu without the microphone. Also is a Bencher like keyer paddle. By the shade of the plastic paddles Iíd say is a MFJ knockoff of the Bencher.

8. Palstar AT-500 manual tuner. Palstar is a very well known name in tuners. It is rated for 600 watts.

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